Ambiance Matchmaking Meet Attractive Singles
Ambiance Matchmaking Meet Attractive Singles

A Look Back On 2020

There’s no way to avoid the fact that 2020 was the year of Covid. It impacted our lives in strange and unprecedented ways. The huge silver lining in it all is that people slowed down and took time to focus on the things that really matter in life, and that turned out to be their relationships. We feel very lucky and fortunate for the opportunity to support so many singles as they made their dating lives a priority this year. Our company not only survived, it thrived. Today we look back at our biggest moments and milestones from 2020.

Our company boomed during the pandemic

While our company has seen steady growth since we opened our doors in 2002, this year took us by surprise. When the pandemic first hit, we were all shocked, scared, and froze as we scrambled to figure out next steps. However, after a few weeks of shutdown and isolation, we were sure of one thing; we still needed human connection and love. Hence, our doors (or should I say Zoom calls) were flooded with singles applying to become members. Our number of applications tripled. We began matching our clients via FaceTime and Zoom, which gradually turned into socially distanced walks. Our clients found it nice, actually. Can you think of anything more romantic than taking a slow stroll through the park?

Our company is being embraced more globally

One thing we’ve noticed at Ambiance Matchmaking is that singles are beginning to think more globally. That may be due to the fact that everyone’s lives have been turned upside down, and its forced people to re-think how they want to live. We noticed people moving from urban cities to rural towns, leaving their 9-5 jobs, and imagining life in another country. Hence, this year singles contacted us from all over the globe from Berlin to Buenos Aires in hopes of finding their special person no matter where he or she is located.

We hired a kickass Director

With the explosion in new clients, we hired a new kickass Director, Isabelle. Isabelle is originally from Montreal where she received her Bachelors Degree from HEC Montreal in IT and Logistics. She has lived all over the world from London to Mexico City and is now based in our HQ San Francisco. Isabelle has grown the foundation to truly connect and understand people from different cultures and backgrounds and even speaks three different languages: English, French, and Spanish. We feel very lucky to have someone on our team with such a huge heart and passion for helping our clients make one of the most important decisions in their lives. Welcome, Isabelle!

We launched a podcast

We launched a podcast called Date Smart. Twenty years ago, Taylor Wade cofounded Ambiance Matchmaking, an exclusive matchmaking agency that has helped over 100,000 singles master their dating lives. In this podcast, she shares the same tactics and techniques with you. She dives into the basics of human attraction and chemistry, what makes a compatible partnership, does “the one” exist?, plus much much more. She does it all with the help of Ambiance Matchmaking’s Founder and CEO Leslie Wardman, who started matchmaking in the 1990s. Listen and subscribe now.

We orchestrated 100 successful relationships

Even amidst the pandemic, we successfully matched over 100 couples. When covid first hit in February, many of our clients put their account on hold, leaving us feeling fearful for a difficult year ahead. However, in April, when people began to realize that isolation was the new norm, singles flocked to our company in droves. They were in need of human connection and love. We matched clients via FaceTime and Zoom for months and then began with socially distanced walks. In total, we had over 100 successful relationships blossom during the pandemic. Many clients told us they prefer this old-fashioned way of dating; starting with long phone calls and walks in the park. They say it removed the sexual pressure and allowed them to focus on a deeper connection established through conversation. Congrats to the happy couples!

Our Singles Database doubled

Our singles database is one of our company's strongest assets. We work hard to find high-quality, genuine singles who are seriously looking for a committed relationship. Because of our hard work, our database reached 10,000 singles. Keep in mind, unlike other matchmaking companies who claim “hundreds of thousands of singles” in their database, it’s unlikely updated on a weekly basis as ours is. We use this database to find matches for our members, and is part of the reason we have such a high success rate. Interested in joining our singles database? Complete a profile within our secure and confidential database. If you are accepted, you will be eligible to meet Ambiance members. If you are selected to be matched with one of our members, there is no cost involved. It is a one-time free introduction.

We look forward to continue working with many fabulous singles in 2021!

Interested in matchmaking services?

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Taylor Wade

Taylor is one of the founders of Ambiance Matchmaking. She now dedicates her time to curating content for our community through her podcast and blog. Writing and podcasting is the art of great story-telling. As a relationship writer and editor, she has always sought to capture the reality of the dating experience, full of drama, friction, and joy. The best mind is an open mind, so she specializes in asking questions and approaching a story without preconceptions.

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