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Is Austin, Texas Good for Singles? A breakdown of Austin's dating culture

Austin, Texas is known for a lot—its electric live music scene, legendary Tex-Mex, unparalleled barbeque, world-renowned festivals like SXSW and ACL, as well as the plethora of parks popular for biking and hiking. 

It makes sense why Netflix even dedicated a whole show to Austin's lively young crowd, aptly named, Twentysomethings: Austin. And it’s no secret why music lovers and sun-seekers alike are flocking to the city, which is witnessing its residents grow at a rate of 1.56 percent annually. Already, Austin boasts a bustling population of 1,116,169, making it the fourth-largest city in the state and the 11th most-populous city (plus, the fastest-growing one) in the country. And the numbers keep climbing.

Of the people who call the Texas capital home, only about nine percent are over 65 years old, according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau. This is far less than both the national average and the Texas average, according to the most recent American Community Survey. In fact, the median age of Austinites is about 34, according to Census Reporter—and it’s a pretty even gender divide, with 51 percent male and 49 percent female. While more than half of the population is white, Austin has a big Hispanic and Latino community, which comprise 33.1 percent of the population. 

But there’s more than just gender and racial diversity in Austin. In a podcast episode, Tim Ferriss and Ryan Holiday, talk about the city’s diversity of thought, lifestyles, and interests, as well.

“Austin has been… very refreshing and rejuvenating… in part, because there is no one mono-conversation,” Ferris puts it. “Here in Austin, you have more of a medley [of conversations]. For that reason, I find that I don’t overtax a single conversational track or part of my brand. You can easily hop from lily pad to lily pad and maintain some degree of mental dexterity, emotional dexterity. There’s just more to easily dip your toes into here.”

Of the total population in Austin, more than half (56 percent) are single, according to Census Reporter. 

All of this vibrancy and diversity, coupled with the slew of singles, begs the question: Is Austin decent for dating?

Is Austin an easy place to date?

Statistics suggest that Austin is, indeed, an ideal place to date. It ranked as Apartment List’s 5th best city for dating in 2022 and is particularly popular among people with preferences for music and nature. 

In fact, not only does Austin rank No. 1 in the U.S. for dating by data analysis site Sperling’s Best Places, but it also received a perfect score because of many of the same criteria. Austin landed the top spot because of its young population, the buzzing online dating scene, and its endless array of date spots.

Austinites are spoiled for choice of date ideas, both because they have endless options and because many of them make pretty decent salaries, according to the Census Report, to enjoy those options. The median household income is $79,542, with 28 percent in the $50-100k range, 26 percent in the $100-200k range, and 15 percent who earn well more than that. After all, Austin is arguably becoming one of the next big tech hubs, attracting more and more high-net-worth entrepreneurs. In 2021, TechCrunch reported that Austin became “‘the place’ for startup founders and venture capitalists alike to set up shop.” That’s, in part, because venture capitalists funneled more than $5.5 billion with 412 deals into Austin that year, according to PitchBook.

Personal finance website, WalletHub, also ranks Austin among the best cities for singles. It was named number seven among 182 total cities, and that’s due to many of the same aforementioned reasons: accessibility to dates and the price tags that come with ’em.

Sperling’s research finds that Austinites tend to spend the most money on socializing than any other area. The popular dating platform Bumble, which is even headquartered in Austin, has also agreed that the city is “one of the most fun cities in the country,” largely due to all the hip places to socialize. 

Austin is also touted for being an ideal city to date, wherever you fall on the spectrum of sexuality. The city celebrates a diverse population of people and a renowned LGBTQIA+-friendly culture. At the moment, 5.9 percent of Austin’s population identifies as LGBTQIA+, which is just behind Portland and San Francisco, according to Shout Out Austin’s LGBTQIA+ Quality of Life Study. Of the survey’s respondents, 97 percent reported feeling accepted by their friends and chosen family members.

But let’s not forget that, only a few years ago, popular dating site, Match, called Austin one of the worst places to date men, in particular, reporting that men are 549 percent more likely to “ghost,” 400 percent more likely to “breadcrumb” and 297 percent more likely “come back as a zombie” than anywhere else. Match also reported that single men in Austin were 347 percent more likely to incessantly check their phones on a first date, which, shockingly, doesn’t sit so well with most people.

That said, you can have good dates and bad dates everywhere. Austin can only offer so much in terms of people and places available; it’s up to you (or a seasoned matchmaker!) to find those better-behaved people to hit those awesome places. 

What are good date ideas in Austin?

Austin has plenty of options for date ideas. Unlike certain cities like Los Angeles and Miami, Austin gained points in Sperling’s Best Places list thanks to categories like coffee shops per capita. There are tons of ’em, alongside other places to go out on dates, like all of the bars, breweries, and restaurants along Sixth and Rainey streets, where you’re also sure to find live music. 

There’s no shortage of cultural activities in Austin, which is home to a number of fascinating museums and historic sites. You can easily find tours of the Texas State Capitol building; explore museums like the LBJ Presidential Library, the Bullock Texas State History Museum, or the Texas Music Museum; or take a stroll down Congress Avenue, which has been dubbed the epicenter of the “Keep Austin Weird” movement.

Austin is also popular among nature lovers. It’s famous for its Barton Creek Greenbelt. The public park, which stretches south across the city, draws outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds. That’s thanks to the variety of activities to do, including hiking or biking along 12 miles of trails and swimming in Barton Creek or more secret spots like Campbell’s Hole. Adventurous hikers will even find Twin Falls for a waterfall dip.  

Austin has also been recognized for river rafting and tubing along the San Marcos River. Tons of tour companies take tourists and locals alike on trips, including the top-rated ATXcursions and Austin Tubing Trips. Lady Bird Lake is another popular place for getting on the water. You can rent boats, kayaks, canoes, and paddle boards all along the lake, though swimming is illegal. The Boardwalk around Lady Bird Lake is another option.

Meanwhile, Mount Bonnell, the city’s highest peak, is a favorite sequestered spot for sunset seekers. It’s a quieter date idea for those who want to chill out, compared to those interested in the numerous bicycle rentals and city tours.

Fortunately, because Austin has a low crime rate compared to the rest of the country, whatever you choose, you’re bound to have a fun and safe time.

The bottom line

Austin is definitely an ideal dating city for singles. There are plenty of people to date and places to explore with them.

And when you need a little extra help finding those people to explore those places, Austin has solutions for that, too. Austin-based platforms, Mixmosa and SpeedAustin, for example, host speed-dating events around various venues across the city. There are also plenty of other apps, beyond Bumble, that exist, including some others that were founded in Austin, like Ilios (for astrology aficionados) and Swoovy (for those who want to volunteer together).

For that extra tailored help, however, hiring a matchmaker is your best bet. Ambiance Matchmaking is your partner in, well, finding a partner. We connect conscious leaders and high net-worth entrepreneurs to help you find someone who is on your level. Plus, we help you date smarter along the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions? Check out the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about dating in Austin. If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Is Austin good for dating?

Overall, Austin is good for dating. While every city has its ups and downs, Austin arguably has more pros than cons. The city is full of young and single people who are spoiled for choice of date options—as well as locally founded platforms to help them snag those dates.

Is Austin a good place for singles?

Yes, Austin is a good place for singles. That’s thanks to the large population of singles, which means that you’re in good company. Many of these singles also make well above-national-average wages, and they tend to spend the most on socializing than elsewhere.

Is it hard to date in Austin?

No, dating in Austin is not hard. There are plenty of people who are also single and seeking companionship, as well as plenty of places to explore with those people. From live music venues to outdoor parks, Austin has something for every kind of dater.

Where do singles meet in Austin?

Singles in Austin have plenty of places to meet. There are tons of cultural hangouts, coffee shops, bars, breweries and restaurants, as well as parks, lakes, and rivers to explore, where you’re sure to meet other singles. Austin is also home to the headquarters of some popular dating apps, like Bumble, Ilios, and Swoovy, as well as speed-dating sites like Mixmosa and SpeedAustin that set up local events for singles.

Interested in matchmaking services in Austin?

Ambiance Matchmaking has been connecting conscious leaders, creatives, and entrepreneurs since 2002. Complete an application to start meeting like-minded singles in Austin!

Taylor Wade

Taylor is one of the founders of Ambiance Matchmaking. She now dedicates her time to curating content for our community through her podcast and blog. Writing and podcasting is the art of great story-telling. As a relationship writer and editor, she has always sought to capture the reality of the dating experience, full of drama, friction, and joy. The best mind is an open mind, so she specializes in asking questions and approaching a story without preconceptions.

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