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Why You Shouldn't Wait To Introduce Your Date To Friends & Family

Most daters insist on getting to know each other by spending time alone. They go on 1-1 dinner and movie nights. They say things like, “I really like him, but I think it’s too soon to introduce him to my friends and family.” Many articles written by experts even say to wait three months.

Three months is a long time to date someone in solitary.

Three months is a long time to date someone in solitary, with the only interaction being with the waiter at your favorite restaurant. And even this simple and short interaction can be eye-opening. I’ve heard of many failed dates because of how the waiter was treated.

Reason #1: You aren’t necessarily seeing the truest version of your date.

While spending time alone can be beneficial for important and meaningful conversations, there is one often missed pitfall – you aren’t necessarily seeing the truest version of your date. This is because your dates will put their best foot forward and try to impress you by saying the best things, dressing their best, and responding to your questions in the way in which they think you want to hear.

One-on-one dating environments can even feel like an interview. When you’re on a date, you’re sitting at a table across from each other, asking each other questions, and the person opposite of you is thinking, What do I have to say for this person to like me? The whole time you are trying to be the right fit for the other person.

When you get to know your dates in their natural environment, you eliminate that risk.

Can you imagine if you expand your social circle beyond the waiter to include their friends and family? By spending time with their friends and family, you get to see how they are in their own environment, with the people closest to them. This is the best view you can get of someone!

For each you and your date to have this same experience, your date should also spend time with you and your family and friends in your natural environment.

It is very difficult to fake it with the people you are closest to, enabling you to get a glimpse into their true essence as a person.

You can be the most loving to your family, or the worst person to your family, because they are the ones who accept it. Therefore, it’s very difficult to fake it with the people you are closest to, and if you can, it’s for a short period of time.

Reason #2: Getting to know your date in this type of environment speeds up the dating process.

Getting to know your date in this type of environment also speeds up the dating process, which is a huge plus for those looking for efficient and effective dating. I wrote an article on this, which you can read here: The Most Efficient Way To Find Your Life Partner.

Reason #3: There is no long-awaited stressful buildup to the whole meet-the-folks scenario.

Many people spend hours worrying if the initial meeting between their special person and parents will go well. At that point, you’ve put your crush on such a pedestal, you want your family and entire social circle to like him as much as you do. When everyone meets at an early stage, there’s no added pressure.

And if the thought of introducing your date to your friends and family still freaks you out, try to date in any real life scenario where they are interacting with other people. The bottom line – date in an environment where you are around people important to you, and date in an environment that allows both of you to just be yourselves. If you love how they are around other people, chances are you'll love how they are with you too.

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Taylor Wade

Taylor is one of the founders of Ambiance Matchmaking. She now dedicates her time to curating content for our community through her podcast and blog. Writing and podcasting is the art of great story-telling. As a relationship writer and editor, she has always sought to capture the reality of the dating experience, full of drama, friction, and joy. The best mind is an open mind, so she specializes in asking questions and approaching a story without preconceptions.

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