Ambiance Matchmaking Meet Attractive Singles
Ambiance Matchmaking Meet Attractive Singles

Case Studies

Case Studies

Ana & Denver


AGE: 32 & 36

Ana and Denver lived only a few blocks from each other but had never crossed paths! Ana became a member and Denver was already in our singles database. Their profiles aligned perfectly on all levels; they came from similar socioeconomic backgrounds, education levels, and were on the same page for future life plans. For example, they both wanted to raise children in a spiritual home but they did not want to force any religion upon them, and they both wanted to live moderately and save for early retirement. Ana met Denver on her third date with Ambiance, and they both put their accounts on hold immediately. Two years later they called to tell us they were engaged to be married.

Vanessa & Aidan

AGE: 39 & 42

Aidan joined Ambiance for just two months before putting his membership on hold indefinitely. His third match was a beautiful energetic woman from our singles database. Aidan’s intense energy and strong curiosity was perfectly balanced by Vanessa’s soothing and balancing personality. They both shared similar philosophies, such as not taking things too seriously, always being optimistic, and that experiences and relationships are the essence of life. They both were divorced and had children from their previous marriages. Their children were just about to leave for college, which meant they both had more freedom to do things such as travel the world. (As they say, life is all about timing!) After their third date, they both called to inform us they wouldn’t be needing their membership any longer. They are currently living together.

Glenda & Rob

AGE: 37 & 45

Glenda and Rob were in the exact same stage in their lives. They were both recently divorced, did not want more children, and wanted to take more time to travel and explore the world. It was her third date, and his first (and last) date. They are now happy married and traveling the world together!

Rob’s feedback after their first date:
“Glenda and I had a great first meeting at lunch. Conversation was easy. We actually were there for two hours talking. Appear to be in similar situation on what we are looking for and things we like to do are very similar. She is very physically attractive and very smart –– maybe too smart:) We have planned to go out this week on Wednesday evening. I'll keep you updated on our next adventure together. – Rob.”

Rob’s review of Ambiance:
“From the start of the process to my first match, I was impressed. They took the time to see what I was looking for and some of my deal breakers and matched me perfectly… as my first match turned into a wedding:) We've been together almost three years now. Thanks Ambiance. –Rob”

Diana & Derek

AGE: 49 & 53

Diana and Derek’s story shows us the importance of letting go of expectations. Derek is very successful and a tad bit controlling in all areas of his life –– including his love life! Leslie had told him from the first day of his membership that we have the perfect woman, but that she lived just over an hour drive away in Santa Cruz. He was very against it. During his one year membership, he met great women but nothing serious came of it. He wanted to continue working with us, and renewed his membership for another year. Shortly afterward, he informed us he was traveling to Santa Cruz for work. Leslie told him, “Please take one hour to meet this woman.” Well, long story short –– they are now married (she relocated to San Francisco).

Laura & Vince


AGE: 55 & 63

Vince became an Ambiance member with someone very specific in mind. He wanted to find a woman who shared his love of tennis. Tennis was his life –– when he wasn’t working, he was at the tennis club. Fortunately, our company’s cofounder Taylor is a huge tennis buff and well connected in California’s tennis network. She made a few phone calls and arranged a week of playing in San Francisco’s best tennis clubs. One Saturday, she paired up with a beautiful, charming woman who ended up being a perfect match for Vince. Long story short, we introduced the two shortly thereafter and they’re now living together. There’s nothing we won’t do for our clients!
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