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Chicago's Top 10 Spring Date Ideas

If you want to invest in your relationship, you need to invest time spent with that person, and that means planning rewarding and meaningful dates. There is no better time to do this than during the spring season! March 20th, 2017 will mark the first official day of spring, so let's start planning!

1. Visit The Farmers Market And Head Out For A Picnic.

There is no better way to spend a sunny, warm Saturday afternoon than picnicking with your significant other. One of the easiest ways to enjoy a springtime picnic is to take a stroll through the farmers market, selecting your favorite fresh fruits, vegetables, cheese, and wine. Take some time to enjoy the locally made art and jewelry then head over to the park, or better yet, to a nearby creek. What a quiet, romantic way to enjoy each other’s company! 

2. Go For A Hike, Bike Ride, Or Walk Together.

After being stuck indoors all winter many of us are ready to get outside and enjoy the nice weather. Summer can often be stuffy and humid so there’s no better time of year for an energetic workout than springtime. Check your state and national park websites for trailheads nearby.  Look for bike friendly bed and breakfasts along paved trails. Most B&Bs have bike storage, a bike shop, bikes to ride and/or bikes to rent.  Plus, it provides a level of romanticism after a long day of exercise. Spring also means wildflowers so take a jaunt through some wild flower fields and pick flowers for each other. 

3. Play Tourist For A Day. 

After living in a city for many years, or in some cases your whole life, all of a sudden you realize you haven’t actually explored your city. We all have our go-to spots for hang outs that we often forget the versatility and history that exists in our city. Choose a few tourist attractions (museums, for example) you’ve never taken the time to explore. Go to a new neighborhood. You may be surprised at what you find and never knew was there, like quaint restaurants and street art in alleyways. To add a little fun to the mix, pick your state’s most outlandish attraction (like the biggest ball of twine in Kansas) and take a road trip to enjoy its ridiculousness. Don’t forget the camera!

4. Choose Your Own Adventure.

Do you remember reading the Choose Your Own Adventure books when you were younger? The ones where you read part of the story and then at the bottom of the page you get to choose what you want to happen next? This is such a FUN date idea and you are bound to have a good time.  Here’s how it works. 

First, create categories for dinner, activity, and dessert. For example, the dinner categories could be “Baskets and wine bags” or “dinner al fresco”. Writer each category on its own notecard and on the back list the name of the location of where you’ll go. For baskets and wine bags it might be a park by the water and for dinner al fresco it might be a nice restaurant in town. Then, for each card, there should be a series of tasks that each person must complete while there (i.e. one person has to mention Hannah Montana at least 10 times while conversing with the waitress). Repeat these steps with the remaining categories and I guarantee you’ll go down in history as his/her best date ever. 

5. Attend A Festival Or Outdoors Concert.

Festivals always make an appearance in the spring, from carnivals and fairs to specialty food festivals, there is a lot of fun to be had. Who doesn’t love a little healthy competition at the carnival games? We all love when our partners win us a giant stuffed animal! Food, beer, and arts and crafts festivals are also a great way to get to know one another. Spend some time hopping from booth to booth and be sure to sample all the food and beer local vendors offer. You’ll have a great time together tasting new things and comparing notes. 

6. Pick In Season Fruits.

Everyone loves fresh fruit and there is no better way to get it than straight from the source. Chances are you have a farm within driving distance that will allow you to pick fruits that are in season and pay for them by the pound. Grab a basket, pick some fruit, and take it back home to bake a pie or cobbler. You can also enjoy them on their own. If you really want to get cheesy, feed them to each other. 

7. Fly A Kite.

Kite flying is a great transition activity from winter to summer. March and April is typically windy making kite flying ideal in the spring. Plus, trying to get a dingy triangle to fly in the air is surprisingly romantic. After all, it requires a lot of teamwork in the beginning: one person to hold the string while the other runs with the kite until the wind catches it. You can find kites for fairly cheap at toy stores or even Walmart for that matter. Head to the park with your kites, bring your picnic, and you’re all set!

8. Check Out A Theme Park Or Indoor Water Park.

Before school ends for the summer and the parks are packed with rowdy kids, take a personal day off work and visit a theme park or indoor water park. It’s a fun and unique way for the two of you to tap into your inner child. Let loose, ride the scary rides, float the lazy river and enjoy a few drinks. Add some ice cream at the end of the date and I’d call that a success.

9. Spend Your Night Next To A Bonfire And Gazing At The Stars.

There’s something about a blazing fire that adds a hint of romance to the air. Plan a date outdoors by a bonfire huddled next to the one you love or the date you’re just getting to know. Make the night extra special and pack some wine and sweet treats (s’mores anyone?). Don’t forget a couple of blankets to keep warm. With a full belly and a drink in hand, sit back and watch the stars. Maybe even steal a kiss under the moonlight.

10. Make A Day Of Garage Sales.

At garage sales there are tons of weird and cool things to see, buy, and talk about. Even if you don’t find something worth buying, it’s fascinating to see strangers’ once prized possessions up for grabs. To add a little fun to the date, set a dollar limit (say $5) and see who can come up with the wackiest, cheesiest gift for the other person. 

There are plenty more springtime date ideas out there but if you’re looking to change up your routine and take it to the outdoors, give one of these 10 fabulous ideas a try and let us know how it goes!

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