Ambiance Matchmaking Meet Attractive Singles
Ambiance Matchmaking Meet Attractive Singles

Frequently Asked Questions

Our most frequently asked questions

How does our matchmaking process work?

Nothing is computer-generated. We use our 20+ years of experience and intuition to determine quality matches for you. We guarantee that your matches will align with what we discuss in your interview. Again, this helps you save time, energy, and money with clearly defined goals and matching parameters.

How often will you meet your matches?

You will meet your matches once to twice per month. Our member coordinator, Janet Jackson (yes, that’s her real name!), will contact you with the details of your match, including name, age, education, occupation, ethnicity, religion, hobbies, appearance, why we think it’s a great match, and where you will be meeting.

Where do you meet your matches?

We make reservations at our partner restaurants to ensure you have a great first date experience (or via a video call if there is geography involved). We have worked with these restaurants for years and years, so rest assured, you will be in great hands. The reservation is listed under both first names (no need to mention Ambiance) and checks are brought separately. All you need to do is show up!

What happens after your match?

After your match, Janet will contact you to receive feedback and apply it to improving your matchmaking process. We are excited to hear what you liked about your match and what you’d like us to focus on for your next match. This part of the process is very enlightening for many of our members.

Can you put your membership on hold?

Yes! You can put your account on hold for as many times as you'd like during the duration of your membership. Normally, members call to tell us they liked their match, and would like to put their membership on hold so they can spend more time with that one person. This gives our members a good amount of time to see if this is someone with whom they’d like to spend their life. That is what dating is all about! The on-hold feature is also great for members who travel often.

Is dating advice offered?

We work with two experienced relationship coaches with whom you can schedule a consultation. Furthermore, you can always depend on the Ambiance Matchmaking team for feedback and support throughout your membership.

What type of memberships are available?

Our memberships are typically for 12 months, with options for local, national, or international searches. All memberships include 1-2 matches per month, and 12 months hold-time.

What makes our company different?

  1. Ambiance Matchmaking attracts conscious leaders, creatives, and entrepreneurs. We are very selective in whom we accept as a client (less than a 25% acceptance rate). Other matchmakers are not as selective, and therefore you may waste time going on dates with singles who do not meet your standards.
  2. We have been in business for 20+ years. This has allowed us to build one of the largest (and highest quality) networks of singles in the industry.
  3. We have honed our matchmaking process so it is as efficient as possible. You have the support of our entire team searching for singles who only meet the qualifications discussed in your interview. 
  4. Ambiance has a search and recruit team (Ambiance Digital Recruitment™) that recruits daily for high-quality singles. These singles are hand-picked. This system has quadrupled our success rate.
  5. Matchmaker Leslie Wardman has spent a minimum of 1-3 years in each of our locations to become familiar with the dating culture and geography.
  6. Matchmaker and Founder Leslie Wardman personally matches all of our clients. Other companies have “matchmakers” that match you, though they may only have 1-5 years of “matchmaking” experience. Leslie has honed her intuition over 20+ years. On the other hand, clients may be offered the opportunity to work directly with the company's matchmaker but they charge a premium price for this feature.
  7. Each client has a personal matchmaker, recruiter, and coordinator. This means your recruiter is searching for you daily.
  8. Ambiance has its very own Professional Matchmakers Network. We utilize the networks of 140 of the best matchmakers in the world to create even more opportunities for our clients to meet exceptional singles.

What is your most popular age category?

30-49 years old.

Do you have more men or women?

We currently have 47% men and 53% women.

How many people have you successfully matched?

Over 100,000.

How many people have you gotten married?

In our 20 years of business, we received hundreds of wedding invitations. We wish we could attend them all!

How do you screen clients?

We perform background checks and in-depth interviews with each member.

How do you find matches for your clients?

1. Ambiance Members — Ambiance Members are often great candidates for other members. We personally screen and interview every single member to ensure authenticity and commitment.

2. Singles Database — Ambiance has built its own Singles Database with over 10,000 quality singles. We believe in quality over quantity and are very selective about whom we allow into our database.

3. Private Matchmaking Network — Ambiance has selected 141 Matchmakers to join our Private Matchmaking Network. They are selected via a private invitation for maximizing searches.

4. Recruiting — The Ambiance team recruits high-quality singles via digital resources, events, and professional networks formed from a combined 50+ years in the industry.

Do you interview everyone?


What is your client privacy policy?

We operate as a law firm. We do not share ANY information. Everything is strictly confidential.

How do you decipher a good match?

Leslie Wardman, Founder and Matchmaker, carefully matches clients based on their upbringing and background, current life circumstances, lifestyle and habits, energy and personality, and how they would look together.

What if I meet "the one" on my first match?

Consider it money well spent!

Do you work with gay clients?


Do you guarantee love or marriage?

No, but we do assure that your matches will align with the information you provide in your interview.

Where are your locations?

We work with singles on local, national, and international levels, with a primary focus on specific regions within the United States. Within these areas, our matchmakers put more time and energy into building networks of high-quality singles. See locations of our strongest networks.

Do you require all clients to have a college degree?

No. Some of our most successful clients don't have their degrees.

Do you show photographs?

We only show photos to VIP members or when geography is involved. The reason we normally do not share photos, or any identifying information, is simply due to the extremely confidential aspect of our business (a large reason why our high-profile singles opt to hire a matchmaker over online dating). However, we take pride in the quality of our matches and understand better than anyone that mutual physical likeness/attraction is the key aspect of initial chemistry, so we ensure our clients "look good together." Our process hasn't failed us in 21 years given our success rate is in the 90th percentile!

How long have you been matchmaking?

Since 2002 with over 100,000 successful matches.

How did you start matchmaking?

Leslie began working as the National Director for a world-renowned matchmaking agency in the 1990s. After many years of experience, she decided to launch Ambiance Matchmaking in 2002.

How many employees do you have?


What if I move?

We will still work with you as long as it’s within the general vicinity of our many locations.

Can I transfer my membership?

Only VIP Members can transfer their memberships.

Do you recruit outside of your database?

Yes, we recruit for high-quality singles on a daily basis.

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